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Reno at BLITZ High Stakes

Justin Reno challenged Jimmy Rockwell for the No Limits Championship at Pro Wrestling BLITZ High Stakes on April 28, and the crowd was solidly behind him, chanting "Let's go Reno, let's go!"

After a series of aggressive moves, Reno was down and almost out when the fans' frantic cheers of "Reno! Reno!" seemed to will him back to his feet. In the end, though, some "interesting" tactics prevented a Reno victory. Check out the match and see if you agree with the sentiment in this tweet:

Enfinity1prod Enfinity1Productions
@TheJustinReno You just gotta have a rematch there! Get that manager excluded or take him out one on one #THEBIGPAYBACK!

View the match now: Justin Reno vs Jimmy Rockwell, 4-28-12

Justin Reno