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"Official Man Cave Ass Kicker"

Referring to what RCWR Show host Lee Sanders said about Justin Reno being "WWE and TNA bound," Big Jay Pro and CJ of The Man Cave Radio Show added, "We feel you're at that level now -- just throwing that out there for you."

On his second appearance on The Man Cave on April 29, Reno was dubbed the "Official Man Cave Ass Kicker."

The Man Cave and Justin Reno have a bit of a mutual admiration society going and it's a sure bet they'll be getting together on the radio and on the road for more antics and all things wrestling.

Hear the on-demand podcast: The Man Cave Radio Show, 4-29-12

"This guy is so damn good; this isn't just a job for him; it's in his blood. Whoever scouts for WWE and TNA, you'd better scout this kid...he's pure amazing." - The Man Cave

About The Man Cave Radio Show: The Man Cave is an Internet radio show that is all about what guys talk about -- politics, sports, music, television, sex, booze, relationships, and anything else guys talk about -- from a guys point of view. They're a crazy bunch of guys who talk like truck drivers and throw humor into everything. Host: Big Jay Pro, Co-Host C.J. and we can't forget G-Money! It's THE place that EVERY MAN goes to get away from every day life...THE MAN CAVE!

Justin Reno