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Reno Gives 'em What They Came For

Pro Wrestling BLITZ: Die Hard definitely gave fans what they came for, and a 4-way bout involving Justin Reno, Chris Hybrid, Jack Kash, and Matty Starr had them on their feet.

The foursome began fast and furious, wasting no time getting to the heart of it all. Reno's unique style and precision timing kept fans in his corner. A dive into the crowd was rewarded with high-fives all around. Later, after he was unceremoniously thrown from the ring, the Reno rally cry continued as his opponents worked to keep him out.

Clawing his way back into the thick of the fight, Reno proceeded to let off some steam. The master of many moves proved once again that he can give 'em what they came for.

If you missed the action, it's all good. Watch the video (check out that drop kick!) and see for yourself why the battle cry of "Reno! Reno!" is gaining traction.

Video: Pro Wrestling BLITZ Die Hard 4-way Bout

Justin Reno