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Reno, Scooda & Sanders on the RCWR Show

"The Famous" Justin Reno joined Lee Sanders to celebrate the 100th episode of the RCWR Show on October 23. The show also featured Christian rapper Scooda and Sanders' co-producer, Tammy. Reno talked about his match with "WWE Legend" The Honky Tonk Man, his recent experience with TNA Gut Check, and offers insight into what's going on in the wrestling world.

If you're a true wrestling fan, you'll appreciate Lee Sanders' style -- this guy digs beyond the headlines for in-depth analysis and thoughtful discussion, booking guests who aren't shy with their opinions.

Congratulations to Lee and to the RCWR team. This show is going to be around for a long time.

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About the RCWR Show
Host Lee Sanders has been following professional wrestling since the mid 1980's. It is with that love and dedication for the sport that he takes to the airwaves with the RCWR Show. Lee gets you caught up with WWE, TNA, and ROH news, plus music and entertainment news in this interactive show. You can catch the show live on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All episodes are also available for free download on iTunes and Zune marketplaces, and can be found on YouTube.

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