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Where in the world is Justin Reno?

It was a night not unlike any other. "The Famous" Justin Reno stood center ring; arms raised high in victory, basking in the roar of the crowd. Die-hard Reno fans got what they came to see – the high dives and the Reno Roulette – moves performed with precision timing and animal-like agility. His goal of reaching the big time, of becoming the most famous wrestler of all time, was finally within his grasp.

Minutes later, Reno was on the road, heading toward his next match, the next step on the road to superstardom. Lost in thought and fighting fatigue, Reno failed to notice the stalkers until his world faded to black.

There are varying accounts of what happened next. Only one thing is certain. Reno was kidnapped…reprogrammed…reissued. Who? Why? How? Questions without answers. Reno is lost, perhaps forever, to the self-appointed jester who takes his place.

Even those of us who were closest to Reno cannot say if or when we'll ever see him again. In the meantime, we're keeping a close eye on Jester Yorick. We think you should, too.

Justin Reno