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"That Was Awesome!"

Justin Reno showed no mercy when he took the MECW heavyweight championship title away from Bailey Mannix last November, but Mannix seems to have gotten his revenge.

A brutal March 31 match between Reno and Eric Allen featured Mannix -- as the referee. The former champ wasn't above taking a few shots at Reno himself, and his counting style...well, watch the match and judge for yourself

Mannix appeared to take particular pleasure in a rapid-fire 1-2-3 count, ending Reno's MECW championship reign...for now, anyway. The crowd could be heard chanting, "That was awesome...That was awesome," seeming to appreciate the irony of it all. 

"I was a victim of unfair officiating and cheating," remarked Reno. "What have I ever done to Bailey Mannix? Completely uncalled for!"

Reno's spring/summer schedule is filling up quickly -- don't miss your chance to see Reno live!

Justin Reno