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About "The Famous" Justin Reno

Justin Reno exploded onto the wrestling scene as a brash, hungry 18 year old. True to his Vegas roots, he draped himself in a green boa and began revving up the crowds like he'd been doing it all his life.

Don't let that boa fool you, though. Many a sorry opponent has made that error in judgement. The youngest ever to vie for -- and win -- the MECW heavyweight title, "The Famous" Reno is the master of many moves, perfecting the discus clothesline, moonsault press, ball-n-chain suplex, and his personal favorite -- Reno Roulette.

Reno is unpredictable in the ring, continuing to put his moves -- and himself -- to the test. Never knowing what to expect, some love him and some loathe him, but none can deny his superior wrestling skills or talent for putting on a memorable show.

He's got the moves and he's got the look. "I'm comin' up," says Reno, and those who've seen him in action can't argue with that. Wrestling and Justin Reno -- you can't have one without the other.

Q & A with "The Famous" Justin Reno

Q. What made you want to make a career out of wrestling?

A. Wrestling was missing a Justin Reno and it just so happens I was able to fill that void. When I walk out from that curtain, you'd better believe the people will remember ME at the end of the night above all others.

Q. What was it like the very first time you stepped into the ring in front of a crowd?

A. I was ready for that moment from age 10 -- the crowd and I formed an instant chemistry. Not to mention I wrestled circles around my opponent.

Q. You've really got some moves. What's more important -- the physical act of wrestling or the show?

A. What you do between the moves is just as important as the moves themselves. You have to perform moves that make the people "ooh" and "ahhh," but then you react to the fans as they are reacting to you. You have to let the people know who you are and that's your opportunity to do just that.

Q. You're known for the "Reno Roulette." What, exactly, is that?

A. The technical term for it is a "swinging fisherman buster." It's pretty much the most brutal neck breaker on the wrestling scene today. No one, to this point, has ever came back after that.

Q. What's the most outrageous stunt you've ever pulled in the ring?

A. It hasn't happened yet...but one of my favorite moments involved taking that beautiful heavyweight title away from that man -- Bailey Mannix -- after he wrestled a 60-minute ironman match against Eric Allen. The opportunity was there and I took it. I took it FAIR AND SQUARE, EXACTLY the way HE taught me to, and he was forced to retire as a result. He left his boots in the middle of the ring, as the tradition goes, and I took those too! Very proud of that moment.

Q. Are you really as explosive as you appear in the ring?

A. Don't test me.

Q. Do you do interviews and guest appearances ?

A. I'm a wrestler...what do you think? Contact me or a member of my team and we'll work something out. I guarantee you this -- you'll run out of time before I run out of wrestling talk.

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  • 7 Rivers Wrestling
  • Dynasty Pro Wrestling
  • Elite Pro Wrestling (EPW)
  • Fusion Wrestling
  • IWA Midwest
  • Just Pro Wrestling (JPW)
  • Metro East Championship Wrestling (MECW)
  • NWA Wisconsin
  • Pro Wrestling BLITZ
  • Proving Ground Pro Wrestling (PGP)
  • The Wrestling Show
  • Windy City Pro Wrestling (WCPW)
  • Wrestling Past, Present, and Future (WPPF)

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